The main objective of this article is to aid persons interested in the design of websites to do so in a simple manner. There are very fundamental things that cannot be left out if at all a good web is to be created. These things will be of key concern in this article.


At first you have to get a good name for your website. This is the name that your website will bear. The success and effectiveness of your website will primarily be based on the name. Ensure you make a good research on what is the best name for it. After getting the name you must ensure that you ensure you register your website with the registrar of websites so that you have the right to use that name.


You also need to choose a company with many computers connected to the internet which is in technical terms known as a web host. This makes it possible for anyone who is viewing your web pages on their computers to be able to connect to them. Getting a web host now makes your website accessible to your potential customers. Know more claims about web design at


Designing your web pages is next step in the process. This is how your web pages will look like. The more attractive your pages are, the more profits you can make from your website. There are a number of programs which can help you to construct a good web page. An example of such program is the Expression Web Tutorial. These programs will help you by taking you the whole process of web design.


Next is doing a test on the website you have created. This is done on the common browsers that do exist such as: Google chrome, UC browser, Firefox, browser and so on. Since these browsers are easily accessible and for free, it makes it very simple to test the website you have created. Your website must be working on these browsers and this will be the only sure test that your website is working in your visitor's computers or smart phones. Contact Dupont Creative Inc. to know more!


After performing the steps above, it very important that you ensure you have a credit card in which payments in your website can be done. This makes it possible for any advertisers interested in using your website to make payment to you. It is the key goal of making your website if it is aimed at profit making.


Lastly you have to ensure that your site is noticed by other sites such as Yahoo, Google, Bing and others. There are links which can help you submit your websites to these search engines. Your website if accessible can even be detected by the search engines automatically. This last step ensures that your website is accessible to all, view website here!